Billy Ray Cyrus Guitar: His Main Guitars, Affordable Alternatives and Amps

Billy Ray Cyrus started his music career with a bang. His first album Some Gave All holds the badge of Best-Selling Debut Album Of All Times. He gave us four hit singles along with the infamous song Achy Breaky Heart.

The other three singles are Could’ve Been Me, ‘Wher’m I Gonna Live?’, and She’s Not Crying’ Anymore.

His single Some Gave All sold more than 20 million copies all over the world. The smashing start put him under the scrutiny of some well-known musicians, and he received mixed reviews.

Billy Ray Cyrus has been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame’s Walkway Of Stars.

He is also a Member of VFW Hall Of Fame. Billy Ray’s father Roy Cyrus was a retired politician and an Amateur Guitarist. Billy Ray practiced with his father’s guitar but couldn’t seem to make the right music with it.

But he didn’t want to give it up and soon realized why it wasn’t working, his father was right-handed. Billy Ray Switched to a left-handed guitar and finally learned to play guitar.

Billy Ray Cyrus’s Guitars

ESP LTD TL-6 Thinline:

Billy Ray Cyrus has a vast fortune and earns 20 million dollars annually. He enjoys spending his money on extravagant things, buying a house, modeling it, and also gifts to his wife and children. But most of all he enjoys purchasing guitars and hats, these two complete his signature look as a country singer.

At the Stagecoach Festival, Billy Ray Cyrus used his LTD TL-6 Thinline to perform Lil Nas x Old Town Road Featuring him. He has had LTD TL-6 for years now. We have seen him hold it during several of his performances.

ESP’s have designed the LTD TL series with an acoustic resonant chamber. Grover Tuners, Fisherman Pickup, and Graph Tech NuBone-XB nut & saddle are the primary features of the ESP LTD TL-6 Thinline Acoustic.

It’s a six-string guitar that is available at a remarkably affordable rate and has a Mahogany body. It costs around 600 to 700 bucks. It is available in two simple colors, natural and black.

You can also find some in stunning prints such as Marine Burst, Transparent Tiger Eye, and Wine Red.

Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Studio EC

Billy Ray Cyrus has a massive collection of guitars. We hardly see him without his guitar in public. Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Studio EC happens to be one of his favorite guitars. The Disney TV series Hannah Montana re-launched his career.

He portrays the character of his real-life daughter Miley Cyrus. He has played the guitar in Hannah Montana Season 1. We have seen him with the Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Studio EC over the years as well.

Billy Ray’s Cyrus journey in the industry might have been a struggle, but he has always had a love for guitars.

The Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Studio EC features a modern cutaway body with a rosewood dreadnought. The guitar was designed to deliver high-quality performance.

It comes equipped with the Fishman Prefix T, the EMI shielded transducer, which gives the application a full-sounding effect. The Guitar’s top is made from solid spruce, whereas the side and backs are crafted from rosewood.

The guitar is rather expensive, and the estimated price is around 2000 to 2600 dollars. The Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Studio EC’s other interesting features are Grover Tuners, the Mahogany neck, and Abalone Rosette.

Gibson J-200

It’s uncanny how we come upon Billy Ray’s Cyrus guitars in the Hannah Montana series. He was seen in a dream sequence with his Gibson J-200.

Originally named Gibson Sj-200, the J-200 is also known as the Super Jumbo 200. But the name J-200 came around when Gibson changed it, and it seems to have stuck. The J-200 were high-end guitars and were designed during a post-depression economy.

The demand for J-200 was quite low at the time, and the guitars are limited. The earlier models of Gibson J-200 were made of rosewood are way too expensive today. The cost of a Gibson J-200 starts from 5000 dollars and ends at around 15,000 dollars.

Like the name Super Jumbo 200, Gibson J-200 is a jumbo-sized guitar with a natural or grain finish. As we have seen before Billy Ray Cyrus seems to be Comfortable with a six-string guitar, the J-200 happens to be one of them.

The design is unique. The sides and back of the guitar are either made from Maple or Walnut and Spruce top. The fretboard and bridge are crafted from rosewood. The guitar is available in three colors, Natural, Vintage Sunburst, and Black.

Gibson Dove

Another of Billy Ray’s guitars is the Gibson Dove. He has also used the Fender Telecaster, A Gibson SG in White Color, and a Takamine Dreadnought. He used his person Gibson Dove in the Hannah Montana show.

The Gibson Dove has been in production since it’s launch in the year 196. After Gibson’s Hummingbird guitar series, the Dove was the first guitar to feature a square-shoulder dreadnought.

The guitar comes with engraved pickguards and has a solid spruce top. The Dove has an inbuilt LR Baggs electronics system. The guitar has a fall top body made from maple. The fretboard and bridge are crafted from rosewood.

The guitar is available in three colors Natural, Sunburst, and Ebony. Similar to the Gibson J-200, the prices of Gibson Dove are quite varying. The price range is tricky, and around 3000 to 14000 dollars. The earlier versions are more expensive, and considered to be vintage guitars.

Amplifiers To Sound Like Billy Ray Cyrus:

The Fender champion amplifier series seems to be perfect for country musicians. They have a 40 watts combo amplifier and Two speakers 100-watt amplifier. The latter is required when you want the sound of the guitar to be heard over the drummer’s beats.

Vox is a second well-known producer of amplifiers for country music. Vox’s A30, the 30 watts all in one combo amplifier is the best amongst them, but it’s much more expensive than Fender’s 40 watts and 100 watts amplifier. Vox’ AC15 Guitar amplifier is much cheaper and can cost around 600 bucks. You can even get a used amplifier.

Affordable Alternatives:

Epiphone EJ-200:

Epiphone EJ-200 is frequently compared to the Gibson J-200. It costs around 550 dollars. So if you aren’t interested in purchasing an ESP LTD TL-6 Thinline, which almost falls in the same price range, this is a good alternative. Although the quality of Gibson J-200 is incomparable, it not easier on anyone’s wallets.

Epiphone Ej-200 is known as the King Of The Flat Tops. It has been designed from Maple and has a solid spruce top. One of the primary features is the Epiphone eSonic2 preamp system.

It also features an easy to use and built-in tuner. The combination of all the features and the Shadow Germany’s NanoFlex pickup gives the musician a chance to deliver the perfect acoustic tone while performing live.

Epiphone Dove Pro Vintage Burst

Epiphone Dove Pro Vintage Burst is so far the cheapest on our list at the price of 380 dollars. The guitar is favored by musicians whose music is inspired by rock and roll. The guitar was made for both amateurs and professionals.

A dreadnought guitar, made from the solid spruce top, it has the back and sides carved from maple. The pickguard has a tortoise imitation with the traditional dove artwork found on the Gibson Dove.

With Fishman Sonicore pickup and preamp, these in one of the cheapest high-quality guitars in the market.

Fender FSR Standard Telecaster:

The Fender Standard FSR Telecaster has brought the old and new together. It has a fast-action neck made from maple, a copper burst finish, and a six-saddle string through the body bridge.

It has been in production since the 1950s and happens to be a popular guitar. It is known for its powerful delivery of tone and smoothness.

The guitar is made from alder, has a maple fingerboard, and also has some parchment plastic parts. The Fender Standard FSR Telecaster has the Fender Transition logo. These features are brought to us at 500 bucks.

Eastman E10-OOSS Sunburst:

Eastman E10-OOSS

Out of all the alternatives we have seen so far, this is the most expensive amongst them. The guitar price ranges from around 990 dollars to 1400 dollars. The Eastman E10-OOSS guitar with the Sunburst finish has a concert body shape.

It is a six-string guitar and has a glossy finish. The fretboard is made from rosewood, while the neck and sides are made from Mahogany. The top, like most of the guitars, is made from spruce.

The Eastman E10-OOSS guitar series has several guitars at a similar price range. These guitars have been built for similar tones and might work for you if you want to spend more than 1000 bucks.

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More About Billy Ray Cyrus:

Before rising to prominence as the Best Solo Artist, Billy Ray Cyrus and his brother was the founder of the rock-band Sly Dog. They even landed a steady gig for which he had to quit school. Unfortunately, the place burned down with their instruments, and the band disbanded.

Billy Ray wanted more for himself and decided to relocate to Los Angeles. That was the beginning of his journey to the three times American Music Awards winner.

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